We as TRUE POWER Ltd. are the leading organization in the field Installation and providing back up services for our Earthing Electrode 'TP Earth Electrode and back fill compound material which is a superior product and comparatively priced to other products in Indian market and also our product is warranted for ten years for any manufacturing defects. We are already supplying our product to telecommunication company (Bharti, Vodafone),Maruti ltd, Jcb ltd, Jindal steel, amd power ltd, jaypee cememt plants (HP),Videocon international ltd.

Single Core HTR FR PVC Insulated (Copper Conductor)

1100 Volts Cable With Improved Fire Performance Single

Basic Code Nominal cross sectional area of conductor Number/ Nom. dia. Of cond. strands Thickness of insulation  Appx overall dia Current carrying capacity 2 cables single phase Unenclosed clipped directly to a surface or on cable trays  Max conductor resistance per Km at 20°C
TP-BFR Sq. mm. mm mm mm amps ohms
TPWAC01.A10 10 10 80/0.4 1.0 6.1 591.910
TPWAC02.A10 16 16 126/0.4 1.0 7.0 791.210
TPWAC03.A10 25 25 196/0.4 1.2 8.6 930.780
TPWAC04.A10 35  35 276/0.4 1.2 9.7 1130.554
TPWAC05.A10 50 50 396/0.4 1.4 11.5 1530.386
TPWAC06.A10 70 70 360/0.5 1.4 13.0 2380.272
TPWAC07.A10 90 95 475/0.5 1.6 15.1 2890.206


FR-LSH was developed and introduced for commercial building and specially for those buildings where exits and venlaon is restricted (Like - Cinema Halls), being in case of fire in these types of building most of the people become vicms due to suffocaon and non-visibility which occurs due to burning of PVC because PVC emits lots of black smoke and toxic gases while burning. Therefore FRLSH insulaon was developed in a way that while burning of PVC having FR-LSH feature shouldemit lesser smoke and toxic gases (halogen).

Specially formulated insulation that restrict toxic gases and smoke. The oxygen index is 30% for F-RLSH insulation .i.e. the TRUEPOWER FR-LSH insulation can catch the flame only if oxygen level in atmosphere or airs more than 30% whereas it known fact that in atmosphere oxygen level is 21% only. Higher the index value, greater the non combustibility FR-LSH wire emits at least 50% less smoke against specified value of 60 % than comparable wires with even lesser amount of corrosive halogen acid & toxic gases i.e. 16% against specified value of 20%

Having self-extinguishing property which do not allow the fire to spread. Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed protected installation in fire-prone areas like residential and commercial complexes,high-rise buildings, hotels, hospitals, multiplex, schools, colleges etc where density of people is high.

Save the environment Every day thousand tonnes of Hazardous Halogen gases are released into the environment resulting in depletion of the earth's ozone layer (which protects us from cancer causing UV radiance of the Sun) a phenomenon popularly known as green house effect. TRUEPOWER FR-LSH PVC insulated industrial cables are practically halogen free and therefore are environment friendly. So when you sell/buy these cables you not only protect your near & dear ones, but also your-future generations against the Green House Effect..



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Features of TRUEPOWER Wires & Cables

Short-Circuit Protection

TRUPOWER Wires and Cables provide highest level of electrical conducvity at in the world at 101% copper conducvity,exceeding the parameter indicated by the Internaonal Annealed Copper Standards (IACS).This ensures minimum loss throughout the length of the cable which translated to saving of 2-3%in the electricity bill. It also provides addional Protection against voltage Fluctuation .

Energy Efficient Cables

TRUPOWER Wires and Cables provide the highest level of electrical conductivity at in the world at 101% copper conductivity, exceeding the parameter indicated by the International Annealed Copper Standards (IACS). This ensures minimum loss throughout the length of the cable which translated to a saving of 2-3%in the electricity bill. It also provides additional protection against voltage fluctuations.

Low Voltage Drop

Higher convection of heat convection is the flow of heat. Drop in voltage from point of supply to the end receiving point is called voltage drop. High Voltage drop across a conductor is undesirable as it reduces the supplied energy. TRUEPOWER FR Wires and cables have an adequate conductor diameter to ensure low voltage drop and higher efficiency while using electrical equipment.

Higher Di-Electric Strength

Dielectric strength represents the magnitude of voltage endured by a test-piece of wire when a specified voltage is passed through it for a specified duration of me. Higher di-electric strength means bare electrical characteristics. TRUEPOWER has an in-house PVC compound manufacturing unit where PVC is blended to offer high di-electric strength to prevent electric breakdown in PVC.

Higher convection of Heat

Higher convection of heat convection is the flow of heat from hot to cool region. Lubricants like wax are required to prevent PVC-melt from skin to the hot extrude surface, which ensures a good heat transfer within the melt. Higher convecve heat dissipation capability of TRUEPOWER S3 technology compound enables TRUEPOWER wires and cables to carry more current in overload condition.

Water Proof and UV Resistant

In many buildings, construction, concrete may itself not be water-ght. Contact with water caused deterioration of the cable's electrical and mechanical properties. Exposure to cable polymer to UV-radiation induces chemical processes that cause polymer damage like choking, loss of impact or tensile strength and a host of other chemical changes. All this can greatly reduce the service life of the cable and expose people to electrical shocks.

TRUEPOWER has developed a high-quality thermo plastic insulation compound made of a single carbon-bond polymer chain. This makes TRUEPOWER wires and cables are impermeable to water, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and chemicals, thereby significantly enhancing the life and safety of TRUEPOWER wires and cables.
Sl No. Features Normal FR Range Truepower Fr
1 Insulation Material FR PVC Special PVC
2 Insulation Property Good Very Good
3 Temperature Rating 70°C 85°C
4 Thermal Stability 80 100
5 Flame Retardancy Very Good Excellent
6 Temperature >200°C >270°C
7 Abrasion resistance during installation Good Very Good
8 Life of product Normal 20% more than Normal
9 Rated current Normal 10% higher than normal
10 Leakage current at operating temp Normal 10% less than  normal

Features of TRUEPOWER Wires & Cables

...Fill the colour code i.e. B = Blue ... / K = Black ... etc... Note: Conductors as per class V of IS:8130 confirming to IS : 694. 100 Mtr poly wrap packing & in bigger packging on request" *The number and diameter of conductor strands are for-reference only. Conductor resistance as per IS:8130 is the governing criteria.

Progressive sequential length marking on every meter. Construcon : Conductor: Plain annealed copper conductor as per IS:8130 Insulation : Primary - Natural PVC with FR property Secondary - Skin colour coated PVC with FR property

Note : 25 sq. mm and above will be in unicolour FR PVC

Note : 70 sq. mm and above are available in wooden drums

Colour: Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/Green Any other colour on specific request can also be supplied subject to economical run. Note : Single core PVC insulated Stranded Copper Conductor available on request.