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About Us

We, True Power Ltd., a 14 years old, 2008 established, ISO Certified Electrical Manufacturer and Comprehensive Solution provider, with 3 World-class manufacturing setups, 8 exciting product verticals, 10,000+ distributors, 25 service centers, 500 on-roll employees and 300 contractual staff has an International presence cutting geographies in Africa, Nepal and Bangladesh, and has a wide presence across PAN India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh.

We provide customized, value added, fit-in-budget solutions for Chemical Earthing, Lightning Protection and Solar Power, for diversified needs, and all scales of projects, from small residences to large palatial bungalows, from Government installations to high rise towers, from airports to hospitals, from small manufacturing setups to world-class automatic large processing plants with microprocessors and microcontrollers based latest CNC machines.

Our execution expertise and operational excellence has led us to do projects and execute our installations from President House to critical Military Installations, from Larsen & Toubro to TATA Power, from BHEL to Indian Oil, from Samsung to Dabur and a thousand others established and well-known names to name here all.

No wonder, we enjoy an enviable patronage of more than 25,000 Happy-clients.

Chemical Earthing System – True Power Chemical Earthing System provides maintenance free earthing around the year for years, and is intended for protecting people and their families from being electrically shocked, while protecting their electrical and electronic appliances from damages/burning due to voltage fluctuations and other electrical faults. We provide all sorts of earthing electrodes from GI to GI pipe in pipe, from Pure copper to Copper bonded and from Copper terminal electrodes to customized ones. We manufacture Back fill compound, Hot dip Galvanized Earthing strips and other accessories like clamps, earthing pit covers etc. at our own state-of-art manufacturing set ups.

Lightning Protection System – True Power design, engineer and install Lightning Protection System, which includes both types of Lightning arresters conventional as well as Latest Early Streamer Emission. We provide comprehensive solutions and installations including chemical earthing, lightning protection devices, Wires & Cables, hot dip galvanized earthing strips and all other accessories of our own make, manufactured at our own state-of–art manufacturing plants to assure their flawless smooth working year after year.

HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized) Mounting Structures & Solar Power Solutions – True Power HDG Mounting structures are manufactured at our own manufacturing setup. We provide standard structure for Solar Power Installations as well as customized mounting structure for all other types of installation too, wherein quality and reliability is the most important criteria.

The world is going solar to become self-reliant on Green Power while cutting down the electricity bills and saving the planet for future generations by reducing carbon foot-prints. True Power executes all types of Solar Solutions from Rooftop Solar System to Ground mounted Solar System, from Water Pumping Solutions to Submersible Pump Solutions and from On Grid to Off Grid. Our Solar Power installations have been working flawlessly for several years and that too almost without maintenance.

Wires & Cables – True Power manufactures LT & HT cables along with domestic housing wires at its own state-of-art manufacturing plant and caters to all requirements across PAN India. We do manufacture bare conductors too.

Fans – True Power Fans are exclusively designed to match every style and décor while adding to every home interior ambience and aura. Our fans are manufactured for longer life, High Speed and Low Power consumption. These are available in several colors and designs for Ceiling and Pedestal mode. Our pedestal fans are best suited for lawns, verandahs, big halls and small rooms with low height, for circulating cool breeze to every nook and corner. We do manufacture exhaust fans to cater a wide range of applications from normal applications to extra power and for heavy duty too.

Geysers – True Power Geysers are manufactured with advanced heat exchanger technology to maximize the heat efficiency. These geysers are ISI marked, and are powder coated for extended life. These have substantially low standing losses which lead to water staying hotter for longer periods while also keeping a tab on electricity bills. Their anti-corrosive interior and exterior make them best suited for areas with acidic nature and corrosive water. Our Geysers are readily available across the country from 6L to 25L capacity in three different models to suit all tastes and styles.

Transformers – We manufacture Single Phase and Three Phase Distribution transformers, Isolation transformers, Step-up and Step-down transformers, Auxiliary transformers, and Wind and Solar Inverters. We do provide repairing and refurbishing services for old Power transformers from 5 MVA to 10 MVA along with doing preventive maintenance for all types of transformers.

Stabilizers – True Power Automatic voltage stabilizers are designed to cater a wide range of applications and are manufactured to deliver precise output power supply. They are equipped with high and low cut off features, overload protection, inbuilt time delay and have the latest microprocessor based circuits. We also manufacture customized stabilizers in both copper and aluminum windings for several applications.