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About Us

We, True Power Ltd., a 15 years old, 2008 established, RDSO/CPRI approved, UL listed and ISO Certified Electrical Manufacturer and Comprehensive Solution provider. We have 3 World-class manufacturing setups with 1 in offing, 9 exciting product verticals, 10,000+ distributors, 40 service centers, 1000+ on-roll employees, including industry tycoons, qualified professionals, and highly experienced staff with a proven track record of excellence in all-round performance. We do have 300 contractual staff too.

We have an International presence around the world, including in the Middle East, Africa, Nepal, and Bangladesh. We have a widely established presence of decades across PAN India from Ladakh to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh.

We are known globally for our fit-in-budget value-added customized solutions for Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing, Thunderbolts & Lightning Strikes Protection, and Solar Power. We do projects for diversified needs and all scales, from small single-unit residences to large palatial bungalows, from Institutional/Commercial/Government installations to high-rise telecom towers, from World-Class airports to Critical Care Hospitals, from small MSMEs and other manufacturing setups to state-of-the-art large processing plants equipped with sensitive microprocessors and innovative microcontrollers.

Today True Power has become the lifeline of every industry, home, and all other setups. Professionals and Experts referred to us as a must for protecting and safeguarding every structure and life from Electric and Lightning hazards.

Our technical expertise, project executing capability, skilled and trained manpower, latest tools/machines/gadgets, and operational excellence have led us to do and execute projects from President House to critical Military Installations, from Larsen & Toubro to TATA Power, from BHEL to Indian Oil, from Samsung to Dabur and thousand others well established national and international companies to name here all.

No wonder we enjoy the enviable patronage of more than a Lakh+ Happy-clients.

Chemical Earthing System – True Power Chemical Earthing System provides earthing which stays maintenance-free for the entire service life from year to year and for years. Our Earthing protects people and their families from being electrically shocked and their electric and electronic appliances from damage/burning due to voltage fluctuations and other electrical faults.

We Manufacture and supply all sorts of earthing electrodes, from Pure Copper to Copper bonded, from GI to GI pipe in pipe, and from electrodes with Copper terminals to other customized ones.

We manufacture Silica-based, Advance Back Fill Compound (BFC) to compensate for high-resistance soils, rocky terrains, and mountainous regions. Our BFC is biologically and environmentally safe and is RoHS Certified.

We do provide Hot dip Galvanized Copper and GI Earthing strips and other accessories like brackets, clamps, insulators, steel ropes, nut bolts, templates, etc. required for project execution.

Our Earthing Pit Covers are UV Stabilized and anti-corrosive. These are available in FRP, Polyplastic, and GI in round and square shapes. These Earth Pit Covers are built sturdy and tough with heavy-duty Polyethylene to provide extra durability, handle all sorts of vandalism, and stay intact for decades.

These Earthing Pit Covers are aesthetically colored to camouflage with the surroundings. These covers come with factory-built holes for providing access to the earthing strips/wires for connecting installed Chemical Earthing to the load/utility.

Lightning Protection System – We design, engineer, and install Lightning Protection Systems for residences as well as industries and institutions. We have both types of Lightning arresters including conventional lightning arresters and advanced Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arresters.

Our ESE Lightning arresters are based on innovative Fast Ionization designs with a quick triggering mechanism. These arresters are CPRI approved and tested in Govt. Testing Houses and Laboratories for High Voltage Tests. These ESE Lightning Systems comply with UNE 21 186 and NFC 17–102 and provide wide-area protection from 35 meters to 105 meters. radius.

Our Conventional Lightning Arresters comply with IEC 62561 part I & IEC 62305.

We provide comprehensive solutions and execute turnkey projects, including chemical earthing, lightning protection devices, Wires & Cables, hot dip galvanized earthing strips, and all other accessories. Our projects are executed with our self-manufactured products and accessories to assure quality in every grain of our execution to assure flawless performance and smooth working for years, year after year.

HDG (Hot Dip Galvanized) Mounting Structures & Solar Power Solutions – True Power HDG MMS Hot Dip Galvanized Module Mounting structures are manufactured at our manufacturing setup equipped with modern machines and systems employing the latest innovative and reliable galvanized process to deliver world-class output indigenously.

We manufacture complete structures for Solar Power Installations, like ground-mounted solar panels, rooftop solar panels, ongoing and off-grid systems, KUSUM Irrigation Water Pumps, Submersible water pumps, and other Govt. projects. We manufacture customized mounting structures for all types of installations/projects too, wherein quality and reliability are the most important criteria. We provide complete BOS for all solar projects.

Going solar and saving the planet from the Greenhouse effect is gathering attention every moment. Today the world is highly aggressive in going solar and becoming self-reliant on the one hand and cutting down the electricity bills on the other hand. True Power stands with them and helps them, by all means, to contribute their share by going solar.